Oceano Hotel in Half Moon Bay, California

There are so many factors that makes this wedding venue just magical.  It could be the awesome location which is a small fishing community snuggled in between mountains and ocean.  It could be all the options to really customize your day from a lawn wedding, beach wedding or a classic ball room wedding you really can't go wrong... pair that with options for your celebration party and you have an all inclusive magical event.  But in all honesty, I think what really sells me on this amazing venue is how awesome the staff is at the Ocenao Hotel.  They truly bend over backwards to make your event stress free and memorable from the way they interact with the couple to the way they include the other vendors into their team, its definitly a recipie for a successful and stress free day.


Wonderful work, like all your

Wonderful work, like all your photos on the site, but this one I like more than anyone else little caesars near me

All Pics are very very

All Pics are very very Awesome and beautifull. thanks for sharing.

These portraits are

These portraits are beautiful, Shanti. I've been to Oceano for a wedding myself and I have to agree with everything you said. It is a beautiful venue and the staff is top notch.

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These are absolutely amazing

These are absolutely amazing and wonderful weddings. They are all lovely. - Andrew Stolper

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